Book twenty-six: The Roper Twins: Bath-Time Battles with nan #Thomas-Brown

Regular readers of my blog will notice that this is not my usual genre of fiction.  Whilst I often do a throwback review of books of my childhood they tend to be aimed at aged 10+ rather than ages 0-5, but with my own little cub due in 15 weeks I should probably get use to this style.

Whilst they say don’t judge a book by its cover, I know it’s something I’m guilty of.  The Roper Twins has an eye catching bright and colourful cover.  You can tell immediately that the story is going to be full of mischief and fun just by the look on the girls’ faces.

The fun and creative design continues throughout the book.  I really liked the use of shaped word bubbles for the text, especially those that were reflective of words in the story.  If reading with your children is as much about advancement as enjoyment looking at the shapes and words seems like a great learning experience to me.  The only downside of the shapes in my opinion is that sometimes the words feel a little squashed and some of the great imagery behind them gets lost.

As far as the story goes, it’s simple and as expected full of mischief.  I’m sure any little ones having this read to them will giggle away as they relate to idea of running away, hiding and screaming when they don’t get their own way.   A fun story I’m sure lots of children will enjoy having read to them.


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