#BrokenMonsters #BookReview

Wow! Where do I start?

Chillingly poetic the power of dreams come to life in Beukes latest novel.  Today has been grey wet and windy with the occasional ray of sunshine making its way through the clouds.  And boy, I could not have picked a better forecast to read Broken Monsters, started and finished in one sitting this story is compelling.

A serial killer like no other is loose in Detroit.  Detective Versado has a whole world of problems with her teenage daughter but must give her attention to the killer who wants to be seen.

One of my favourite things about Beukes previous book The Shining Girls was the complexity of the time line and how cleverly the story linked up.  In this novel the landscape is simpler but I found the story to be far darker.  Clayton Broom is not a man you would want to meet, his manner, appearance and intenseness oozes from the book.  Beukes has brought this character to life so much so that I found it uncomfortable to read at times.  I didn’t want to be in his basement with him as he constructed his art, my skinned crawled at the thought of being in his presence.

Nothing makes darkness seem as heavy as a light to hold as contrast and Versado’s teenage daughter Layla and her best friend Cas bring that to the story.  With their own issues and brooding teenage pangs their innocence and passion reminds you there are crusaders in the world, determined to make things right, even in the wrong way.  Is the determination to set things right, to the way he believes they should be a driving force for Broom as well? 

Broken Monsters is a like nothing I’ve read before, tense, compelling and hypnotic, just don’t let it put you off dreaming.


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