There is one woman in this book club and that’s enough for me

Like many people out there I love to read. When enthralled with a particularly good book I have been known to read whilst walking through the streets, yes I am that annoying person, whilst queuing in the supermarket, whilst pretending to take notes in a seminar, whilst on the phone to some one, “hmm yes, of course I’m listening to you…no I can’t repeat what you just said” and have even taken a book with me when I’ve gone for a wee in the hope that I can draw it out long enough to read a couple of pages. At school I often got in trouble for not being in the right place in my book, having read many pages and in some cases chapters ahead of the classroom reading out loud pace.

But there is something about the leafy world of books that I don’t like. In fact saying I don’t like it is quite an understatement. I have such a problem with this “thing” that it annoys me when others partake and I would fight tooth and nail for it to be banished to room 101.

What is this terrible thing I speak of…bad punctuation, mixing of American and English spelling (yes it does happen), typos in the print, people ruining the ending of a good book, Richard and Judy recommendations…no it is none of these things, although they do all erk me somewhat.

My issue is with book clubs. There I’ve said it. The very thought of one brings me out in rash.

As I said at the very beginning of this blog, I love to read. I don’t however love to discuss the deeper symbolism of the use of dark winter nights for the turning points in the story, or the ongoing competing theme of self loathing and narcisism. I don’t want to get into the mind of the protagonist and consider what a diary entry during the events of chapter 13 may have looked like. I did all of that at school and college. I’ve got GCSE’s and A-Levels to prove I can do it. Now I just want to escape the world through man’s greatest achievement, in my opinion, words on paper that create a different world.

So, I hear you all ask, what is the purpose of a one woman book blog. Well as much as don’t want to sit around with others and debate 2nd and 3rd level meanings to Spot the Dog I do read a lot and thought I might be able to give some guidance on what’s fun, what’s addictive, what’s so trashy you’ll love it and what you should put in a tin and bury it in the garden never to be read again, yes Twilight readers I’m talking to you.

I don’t claim this blog will be witty, clever or even entertaining but I’ll write from the heart, like every true author.


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